April 1980 Issue

On the Cover

On the Edge of Texas

For hundreds of years man—from the Comanche to the backpacker—has tried to conquer Big Bend. Still, it remains wild, stark, and pristine.


Little Boy Lost

Being autistic nearly ruined Michael Shipley’s life, but his parents sent him to a state mental hospital. Then Michael’s life was ruined for good.



Cross Examinations

Adventurous Methodists try the case against the Church; pallid Seventh-day Adventists try the worshiper’s patience.


Lode Star

Coal Miner’s Daughter hits true and false notes; Cruising goes sadly astray.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Nebraska scoundrels are absconding with West Texas water; adding grist to the Murdoch rumor mill; the old Dallas City Council was never like this.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Rice University is up in arms; God is indicted for murder; Blackboard Jungle becomes a political thicket; the golden arm of Nolan Ryan.

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